Dead Sea Relaxation Packages

Dead Sea Relaxation Packages

8 Days / 7 Nights


Dead Sea genaral information:

About 50 km from Amman and at 400 m below sea level is one of the most unique and magical locations in the world, the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the face of the Earth; its salty mineral water and nearly year-round warmth makes it a favourite destination for tourists and locals alike.. This site may be devoid of plant and animal life, but it is blessed with amazing healing powers. With its oxygen-rich air, water composition, mineral black mud and hot springs, the Dead Sea is a haven from which visitors emerge relaxed and rejuvenated. The Magnesium-rich water helps relieve stress and energize the body, while the Potassium balances moisture; the Calcium prevents water retention and Bromide relaxes the muscles and balances the lymphatic fluids. Aristotle wrote about the water of the Dead Sea, which the Greeks called “Lake Asphaltites.” The Nabateans utilized the Bitumen extracted from it, and Cleopatra used its salt crystals and mineral mud to maintain her youth.

With approximately 40% salt concentration, the Dead Sea is nine times saltier than the Mediterranean. The water vapour continuously rising from the Dead Sea surface creates a natural filter that lessens the negative effect of ultraviolet radiation (UVB). Recognized for its health benefits since the days of Herod the Great, who built several fortresses on its West Bank over 2000 years ago, people today flock to the Dead Sea from all corners of the world to cure a range of ailments. From respiratory problems like Asthma, to joint problems like Arthritis, from dermatological problems like Atopic, Dermatitis and Psoriasis, to several other illnesses like Parkinson’s disease and eye problems.

Some of the most amazing sunsets are seen from the shores of the Dead Sea. Due to the saltiness of the water, you can float effortlessly and even read a newspaper in the water. You can choose from an array of accommodations, from public beaches to luxury 5* hotel-spas. While there, you can personally dig your hands into the soil, scoop thick mineral mud and cover yourself from head to toe, or you can treat yourself to a mud bath in a spa. Regardless of your choice, you will surely enjoy it; just remember to take photos.

Package price per person in DBL:

* SS - Single Supplement

** HB - Half Board (dinners) supplement

Kempinski Ishtar 5*  

01/12 – 29/12/14: US.D   730, SS 535, HB 200
06/01 – 28/02/15: US.D   730, SS 535, HB 200
01/03 – 15/03/15: US.D 800,   SS 600, HB 315

Moevenpick Resort 5*    

01/12 – 27/12/14: US.D   700, SS 480, HB 285
09/01 – 11/03/15: US.D   700, SS 480, HB 285

Crown Plaza 5*

01/12 – 24/12/14: US.D   665, SS 360, HB 230
05/01 – 28/02/15: US.D   665, SS 360, HB 230

Holiday Inn 5*    

01/12 – 24/12/14: US.D 600,   SS 330, HB 190
05/01 – 28/02/15: US.D   600, SS 330, HB 190

Warwick Winter Valley 4*

01/12/14 – 15/03/15 (искл. 30/12 –   01/01): US.D     510, SS 255, HB 120

Dead Sea Spa 4*    

01/12 – 29/12/14: US.D 520 (on HB),   SS 270

05/01 – 15/03/15: US.D 550, SS   260, HB 185

Price includes:         

      -  Meet & assist in APT on arrival (after receiving luggage)

-    7 nights of accommodation in a hotel up to your choice on BB (Bed & breakfast) basis

-    Private transfer APT – hotel/Dead Sea – APT

Price excludes:

-        Visa (US.D 56 pp)

-        Departure tax (US.D 15 if not included to your airline ticket)

-        Optional tours

-        Treatment & Spa

-        New Year Gala Dinner (obligatory) on 31/12/14